Balaam's Donkey

from Consider God's Critters! by Judy Rogers



Balaam’s Donkey - capo 5-G – Numbers 22-24
You ‘d never guess if you did not know about a prophet named Balaam so long ago He traveled here & he traveled there and his faithful little donkey took him everywhere.
Now, Balak, King of the Moabites, Told Balaam, “Go & curse the Is’relites! You know that I am a wealthy king, And I will reward you if you do this thing!!” But he said, “There’s a problem with your request-- God told me not to curse but only to bless!” And though he spoke every word of God as he was told, he coveted the King’s silver & gold!
And as they journeyed along their path, the Angel of the Lord appeared in wrath!! The donkey saw the angel’s sword & turned aside— three times! But Balaam beat her every time! Then the Lord caused the donkey to speak! “What have I done that you should do this to me?
--Have I not carried you for oh, so long, and to treat me unkindly is oh, so wrong!”
Chorus: Sometimes others see what we refuse to see, We go on stubbornly down our selfish road; It takes humility-- if we would clearly see the path that God wants us to walk, Before a donkey has to TALK!!!
Then Balaam’s eyes were opened To see the Angel of the Lord Who stood in his path full of righteous wrath, And he was ready to wield his sword!
He said, “Why did you strike your donkey 3 times? She was only trying to save your life!! I came to kill you for your evil ways, But you can thank your donkey you’re alive today!”
Chorus: Sometimes others see…..
(Repeat chorus, substitute “you” for “we” )
Before a donkey has to talk!
©Judy Rogers 2012


from Consider God's Critters!, released February 8, 2013


all rights reserved



Judy Rogers Haysi, Virginia

Judy Belcher Rogers, born in the Appalachian mountains of Southwest Va. (Haysi), writes, records, and has performed concerts for churches, camps, schools, and conferences across the United States, Canada, and England.

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